Mimos Baby Pillow Bundle (White) - Flat Head Syndrome Pillow & Cover

Mimos Pillow is Designed to Prevent Positional Plagiocephaly

While the corrective positioning of your baby may work well up to the age of 3 months; after this age, it can become very difficult to alter your baby's sleeping position.

MIMOS pillow eases the pressure on your baby's head and has been shown to get great results, particularly when introduced before 6 months of age.

Clinically proven to prevent and treat baby flat head syndrome and highly recommended by doctors and physicians, internationally.


Mimos Pillow Helps to Relieve the Pressure Exerted on Your Baby's Skull During Rest and Sleep  Babies habitually have a preferred side which they will sleep on, meaning the pressure is usually focused on one side of the head. As a baby gets older it can be increasingly difficult to improve this sleeping position through repositioning and Tummy-time. Repositioning requires unwavering attention, especially during the night, and may upset your baby if they feel uncomfortable being moved out of their chosen favourite position. Mimos Pillow removes the need to worry about constantly repositioning your baby. Simply place your baby so his or her head is located within the pillow's cavity.

This will reduce the pressure by distributing the weight of the head over a much larger area of contact.

Mimos Pillow is proud to boast the following accolades:

  1. Europen CE Approved - Class-I Medical Device.
  2. Airflow Safety - Anti-suffocation TUV Certification.
  3. CO2 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in US Lab and Confirm by Medical Experts.
  4. Textile Safety Certification - Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 Safe for Baby.
  5. Recommended by Pediatricians.

Note: Pillow's cover not normally included and is optional because the pillow itself is washable. However, the cover helps to maintain hygiene and cleaning easier.



SIZE XS: Less than 37cm (premature)
SIZE S: Between 36 to 46cm
SIZE M: Between 42 to 49cm
SIZE L: More than 49cm (18 months above/toddler)
SIZE P: Between 36 to 46cm (pram, Sleepyhead Deluxe, Sleep Pods)

How to measure

Proper positioning of measuring tape: widest circumference, avoiding ears.


Where are Mimos Baby Pillows made?

Mimos Pillows are Handmade in Barcelona Spain by an ISO 13485 registered manufacturer (Quality Management System for Medical Device).

Does the Mimos Baby Pillow help with Flat Head Syndrome?

The Mimos Pillow is designed to prevent positional plagiocephaly and is clinically proven to prevent and treat the baby flat head syndrome. For best results, we advise using both the Mimos Pillow and a number of other medically-advised techniques together.

Is the Mimos Baby Pillow Allergy-Free?

Yes, the Mimos Baby Pillow is made of anti-Allergenic material with Oekotex 100 Class 1 certified for direct baby contact.

Can I use Mimos Pillow together with my baby’s bouncer, cot, car seat, and stroller

The Mimos Baby Pillow can be used anywhere when the head is resting on a flat surface, even if is a soft flat surface. We have a specific pillow size for using in a stroller or car seat - ‘size P’. Simply select ‘Size-P’ from our product page to purchase the correct Mimos Pillow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Pillow

I'm using this for my 4 month old son who has developed Plagiocephaly due to a preference for one side and I did not pick this up quick enough. I'm using this pillow during daytime naps only and at night repositioning him, along with some physio excersises recommended by a cranial doctor. I've only been using it for 2 weeks so not sure if it's working but I can tell it will work and is the perfect shape to re-mould my son's head. We are trying all of this for 1 month as recommened, if we see results we will not need to purchase a helmet for him. I've also washed the pillow at 20 degrees and it washes just fine. I bought two pillowcases which have been very handy too and easier to wash than the pillow. Wish I'd known about this pillow from his birth to prevent this from happebing but would definately recommend this pillow.

Amelia Hoefele
Great product and service

Noticed a difference within a few days, shipping was very fast too.

Great service, product unsure

I haven't had the item for long. It goes against safe sleep advice so I haven't dared to use overnight but have whenever led in the day. Seems comfortable and is breathable. Covers pointless if for reflux as have holes for breathability so goes straight through. I have been using with a muslin in the day so I can watch her and it stays cleaner. I can't see any effectiveness but been used for only a week. The customer service however has been fantastic! They could not have been more helpful or understanding.
The one thing I think needs more clarity is the sizing. Even if the babies head circumference fits into the medium it may not be suitable. Unless you have a baby older than 5 months I think you need the small. I ended up needing two because of this mistake. Customer service were really helpful but I believe this happens a lot so more info on the website would help.

Keith Moss
Mimos baby pillow

Yes, it's expensive for a pillow, but after the first night, thought it was well worth it. My new born daughter slept much more peacefully and after a week or so her head showed signs of improvement.

Ciara Barker
Great product

Using the mimos pillow a few weeks now and love it. It seems very comfy for baby and I actually have a second one for the pram. Hopefully in time I will see an improvement in my baby’s flat spot. It’s definitely helping keeping her from lying on the flat spot